SCCM 2007 lost permissions after domain change

Did you ever lost control of your Configuration Manager 2007 environment after you changed the Configuration Manager server from domains. I did, in my test lab. Silly me 😉 I changed the server from domains, corrected the SQL permissions on the Configuration Manager database but the Site Management in the Configuration Manager Console was empty and stayed empty. Also after performing a site reset. But lazy as I am, I didn’t want to re-add the server to the old domain to give the local administrator access to Configuration Manager, so I had to find an other way to get access again.

Except for the old domain users that had access to the Configuration Manager site, the Network Service and System account had full access to the Configuration Manager site. Just creating users or cloning them wasn’t possible since I did’t have the permissions for it. Finally I found a forum item from someone that suggesting that you should start the Configuration Manager Console with the System Account. Windows 2008 doesn’t allow you to interactively start for instance the Command Prompt with the System Account, so the PSEXEC tool from Sysinternals was a good alternative 😉

With the command below you are able to start the Command Prompt as the System User of the server.

psexec -i -d -s c:windowssystem32cmd.exe

After you start the command prompt, you are able to start the Configuration Manager Console and give yourself access to Configuration Manager 2007 again 🙂


  1. hi..
    for all who got stumped after the albeit useful command..heres the next step ‘psexec -i -s mmc “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Configuration managerAdminUIbinadminconsole.msc”‘

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