Major Microsoft Intune update is coming up soon

msemsWhat to do when you are suffering from a jetlag after a great MVP Summit and MMS? Write a blog about a major update to Microsoft Intune that is arriving in a couple of weeks from now. Yesterday Brad Anderson and Dilip Radhakrishnan announced some major updates to Mobile Application Management in Intune. Microsoft announced that the some of the major software vendor embraced Intune and are making their apps manageable by Microsoft Intune, also some other Microsoft apps are added this week.

See a complete list of the apps here.

Mac OS X support

I was able to show the Mac OS X support in Microsoft Intune last week at MMS. The update will allow you to enroll and manage your Mac devices via Microsoft Intune. You are able to configure policies, deploy VPN and WiFi profiles and deploy (SCEP) certificates. Expect some blogs about the Mac OS X support as soon as it is general available.

MAM Support for Office on non managed devices

After the update you are able to manage the Office Apps on devices that are not managed via Microsoft Intune. Great for BYOD scenarios, external consultants that are already enrolled with the MDM solution of their own company or for companies that are in the process of migrating from an other MDM solution to Microsoft Intune. Currently all MAM enabled Office apps on iOS and Android are supported except for Outlook, which will come soon.

Selfservice PIN reset

Enrolled users can reset the PIN of their managed devices directly from the Intune Web Portal without calling the help desk.

Co-existence between Intune MDM and Office 365 MDM

As from the update you are able to activate and use both MDM for Office 365 and Intune next to each other in your tenant and set the management authority to either Intune or MDM for Office 365 for each user, so you are able to manage which MDM solution is used for the devices of the user.

New Admin Portal

In the blog of Dilip you are able to see a glimpse of the next generation of the Intune admin portal. Have a quick look because it is so much better 😉


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