Managing mobile devices in Configuration Manager 2012 via Exchange Online (1)

In an earlier blog I configured the Exchange Server Connector in Configuration Manager 2012 Beta2 to use it with on premise environment of Exchange 2010. Today let’s have a look at if the Exchange Server Connector in Configuration Manager 2012 RC1 also can handle Exchange 2010 in Office 365. Since I don’t have an enterprise Office 365 environment I used a free 30 day evaluation version.

After configuring a temporary Office 365 account and connecting my mobile devices it was fairly easy to configure the Exchange Connector in Configuration Manager 2012. Let’s see how.

I configured an Office 365 environment as follows:

  • Domain name:
  • Administrative user:
  • Test user:

Go in the Configuration Manager 2012 console to the Administration workspace and choose Hierarchy Configuration -> Exchange Server Connectors to configure a new Exchange Server Connector.

Configure the Exchange online URL

Choose Hosted Exchange Server and supply and choose the Primary site where the Exchange Server connector must run from. If needed, also configure a proxy server to connect to the Internet.

Configure the credentials to access Exchange in Office 365

Supply the credentials of the administrative Office 365 user ( ) by adding the user to Configuration Manager 2012. With this account the Exchange Server Connector will access Hosted Exchange environment.

Configure the discovery of mobile devices

Configure the discovery of the mobile devices in Exchange 2010 via the Exchange Server Connector, you are able to schedule the full synchronization which gathers all properties for new and known mobile devices and a delta synchronization interval which identifies new mobile devices and limited changes for known mobile devices.

Let's manage everything with Configuration Manager 2012

Configure the mobile device settings per group. When changing a setting in a group, the status will be changed from Configured by Exchange to Configured By Configuration Manager. Finish the configuration of the connector and click on Synchronize Now in the home ribbon. The Exchange Server Connector will connect to the hosted Exchange 2010 environment and gather all information about the to Exchange connected mobile devices

The discovered mobile devices

How easy was this? In the next blog I will point out how the  the Exchange Server Connector and the hosted Exchange environment are working.

Read more on the Exchange Server Connector and Mobile Device Management in Configuration Manager 2012 here:


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