How to add an app from the local Apple App store? -workaround-

Last week I was at a customer in Denmark and helped them in configuring Intune. If you want to search for and add an iOS app that is only available in a local ITunes App store you will run into the issue that the current Intune on Azure portal only searches for apps in the US ITunes store.

While playing around I found a workaround which allows you to add the apps that are only available in the local app stores.

So what you need to do is go to Intune >> Mobile Apps >> Apps in the Intune on Azure Portal and click Add. Select iOS store app and search for your app and confirm it is not there.

So in this example I want to add the app called DJ School Breda (yep, Breda is the DJ capital of the world 😉 ), when search in the new Intune on Azure portal we do not find anything.

No app can be found

So what you can do is the following;

  1. Search in iTunes for the app and copy the URL
  2. Go to the Intune on Azure portal and look for any App and click OK.
  3. Click App information – Configure, and replace the URL with the URL you copied
  4. Replace the Name, Description, Publisher, the logo and all other metadata.
    Replace old metadata
  5. Click OK and Add.
  6. Next if you click properties in the App you see the information and the Appstore URL.
    App from the NL (Netherlands) store added
  7. Next deploy the app and be happy!

I support the request on UserVoice to add the local app stores! You too?


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