ConfigMgr 2012 Console – search feature (part 1)

A couple of weeks ago I described a couple of nice new features of the new Configuration Manager 2012 Console, today I will describe another new enhanced feature in the console; the search feature. Searching for objects in the earlier Configuration Manager Consoles was always a hassle, that has become history in Configuration Manager 2012. In environments with lots of objects the search feature will help you out!

When browsing to for instance the users node in the Assets and Compliance workspace in the console you will see that the search tab in the ribbon will change and show you a number of search options when you activate the search input field.

Search tab in the ribbon and search field

When looking at the options you see that the options in the ribbon are grouped in five sections, namely;

Define the scope of the search. You are able to search in the current node, all subfolders or for all objects. All objects means that you are able to search in the “entire console”

When selecting the All objects option you will see that the search scope in the Console will change from (in my case) Users 6 Items to Search all objects.

Search scope set to Users
Search scope set to all objects

When you select the All sub folders option you will see that a criteria is added to the search. The criteria enables you to search in the current node plus all sub folders.

Search in current node and also in all sub folders

When searching for Office in my test lab with the All Objects option enabled I will get a result like shown below.

Search result

The result of the search is 357 objects found in this case the Assets and Compliance, Monitoring and Software Library Workspaces. Objects that are found in those workspaces are collections, hardware requirements, compliance baselines, deployments, applications and software updates.

It is better to redefine the search and add some criteria to bringing down the number of the search results.

Adding criteria to the search will help you find the objects you need. This can be done by using Add Criteria option in the ribbon.

Refine the search with criteria

You can refine the search by adding one or more of the following quick criteria via the ribbon;

Criteria Criteria
Active Directory   Domain Name Exchange   Organization
Last Logon Exchange Server
Active Directory   site General Information
AMT Version Days Since Last   Communication
AMT status Approved
Client activity Assigned
Client Certificate Blocked
Client Check Result Client
Remediation Decommissioned
Client Type Is Direct
Client Version Obsolete
Exchange ActiveSync   Access Virtual Machine
Operating System Last Activity
Device Type Client Check Result   Change
Domain or workgroup Heartbeat DDR
EP Antispyware   Enabled Hardware Scan
EP Antispyware   Signature Last Update Time (UTC) Last Installation   Error
EP Antispyware Last   Version Management Point
EP Deployment   Description Policy Request
EP Deployment Return   Code Software Scan
EP Deployment State Status Message
EP Enabled Last success sync   time to exchange server
EP Engine version Last request attempt
EP Remediation   Status Name
Last Infection Time Phone number
Last Infected Threat Exchange server   policy application status
EP Pending Full Scan Resource ID
EP Pending Manual   Steps Resource Type
EP Pending Offline   Scan Site Code
EP Pending Reboot ID
EP Policy   Application Description Last status
EP Policy   Application Return Code AMT Provisioning
EP Policy   Application State User domain name
EP Policy Name Full name
EP Product Status Wipe status


Disadvantage of using the big list of “quick criteria” is that you not really know where the criteria can be used for, since not every object in Configuration Manager has the same variables and values. The “quick criteria” is for the advanced Configuration Manager administrators.

In the next blog you will see how you can easy search for the object you want with the search option that is aware of in which node you are working.


After creating a search you are able to save the search for later use. You have two options to save the search, Save Current Search and Save Current Search As. If you select a search and want to save it again, you can overwrite it by using the Save Current Search option or if you want to save it under a new name, you need to use the Save Current Search As option.

Save the search


The options section of the Search tab of the ribbon will give you three options. The first is accessing your saved searches, this can be done by looking for Saved Searches for the Current node or for All Objects. With this option you are also able to rename of delete the saved searches.

Select a saved search

With the Recent Searches option you are able to access the last 10 searches that you made.

Select a recently used search

Active search

In the active search section you will find the option to close the search which enable you to see all your objects again.

Let mentioned next blog in the series about the new console is about the search option that is “node aware”.


  1. I am frustrated when using the search feature in the SCCM 2012 console. If I want more than one criteria line with the same attribute, it ASSUMES I want an “OR” in the logic. I do not, I want an “AND”. Is there any way to do this? I thought the workaround might be to have multiple substrings on one critera line, maybe separating them with a delimiter, but I can’t get this to work.

    Specifically, I’m trying to filter All Software Updates to get Office 2010 32-Bit, Security Updates.
    Office 2010 is easy, I add Criteria Product = Office 2010. For the other two, I want:
    Title contains “Security” AND Title contains “32-bit”. But, it forces an OR, so I get all updates that have “Security” OR “32-Bit”. Lame!!

    Am I missing something?

  2. For some reason the ‘All Subfolders’ is greyed out when searching in task sequences. How can I enable searching in current node and all subfolders?

  3. Anyway to shortcut console itself to a particular search?

    I check on deployments every few hours, and its a pain opening console, navigating to monitoring\deployments\ then choosing a saved search. automation automation!

  4. the AND and OR search is still bugged.
    if you add more titles, it adds OR..

    how can i create a search for PRODUCT -> windows 10 (selectable, and works) and TITLE contains 1809 or 1909, but not 1607, 1709, 1903, x86 ?

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